go VERB (goes, going; past went; past part. gone) 1) move to or from a place. 2) pass into or be in a specified state: her mind went blank. 3) (go to/into) enter into a specified state or course of action: go to sleep. 4) lie or extend in a certain direction. 5) come to an end; cease to exist. 6) disappear or be used up. 7) (of time) pass. 8) pass time in a particular way: they went for months without talking. 9) engage in a specified activity. 10) have a particular outcome. 11) (be going to be/do) used to express a future tense. 12) function or operate. 13) be harmonious or matching. 14) be acceptable or permitted: anything goes. 15) fit into or be regularly kept in a particular place. 16) make a specified sound. 17) informal say. 18) (go by/under) be known or called by (a specified name).
NOUN (pl. goes) informal 1) an attempt: give it a go. 2) a turn to do or use something. 3) Brit. informal a single item, action, or spell of activity: it costs ten quid a go. 4) spirit or energy. 5) Brit. vigorous activity.
go about — Cf. ↑go about
go along with — Cf. ↑go along with
go at — Cf. ↑go at
go back on — Cf. ↑go back on
go down — Cf. ↑go down
go for — Cf. ↑go for
go halves (or shares) — Cf. ↑go shares
go in for — Cf. ↑go in for
going!, gone! — Cf. ↑going!, gone!
go into — Cf. ↑go into
go off — Cf. ↑go off
go on — Cf. ↑go on
go out — Cf. ↑go out
go over — Cf. ↑go over
go round chiefly Brit. (chiefly US also go around) — Cf. ↑go round
go through — Cf. ↑go through
go under — Cf. ↑go under
go with — Cf. ↑go with
go without — Cf. ↑go without
have a go at — Cf. ↑have a go at
have going for one — Cf. ↑have going for one
make a go of — Cf. ↑make a go of
no go — Cf. ↑no go
on the go — Cf. ↑on the go
to go — Cf. ↑to go
what goes around comes around — Cf. ↑what goes around comes around
ORIGIN Old English; the form went was originally the past tense of WEND(Cf. ↑wend).

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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